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Hi, I'm Alexander or Alex for short. I am currently studying Computer Science at JKU in Linz. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, spending time with friends and trying to learn and expand my knowledge of technical skills.

More About Me

I'm a programmer who is passionate about programming and I love to learn new things. I'm also a fan of playing strategy games and pretending like I'm a gourmet chef at home.
Next to studying I also work as a tutor at the Institute for System Software (SSW)

Before I came to university I attended HTL-Braunau in "Elektronik und technische Informatik" with a specialization in "Mobile Computing & Software Engineering". There I learned the basics of computers and programming and continued to expand my knowledge at JKU in the Computer Science Bachelor.

Currently, I'm pursuing a Master's degree with a focus on Software Engineering and other bits and pieces that I find interesting.

Furthermore I like to learn things by myself or by doing some group projects.

Some skills I got


Master in Software Engineering

Oktober 2023 - Currently

Johannes Kepler University Linz

Title aimed for: Diplom-Ingeneur (equv. MSc degree)

Bachelor in Computer Science

October 2020 - Jannuary 2024

Johannes Kepler University Linz

Bachelor of Science - (Thesis)

Elektronik und Technische Informatik
Mobile Computing & Software Engineering

September 2015 - June 2020

HTL Braunau

Austrian Matura - (Thesis)

Work Experience

JKU - Institute for System Software

Oktober 2023 - End of June 2024


Reviewing and giving feedback to homework of students in the courses "Softwareentwicklung 1" and "Praktikum Softwareentwicklung 2".

Dynatrace - Lab Linz

July 2023 - End of September 2023

Intern in Software Development

Worked in the OneAgent Node.JS team again. Performed refactoring tasks, maintenance with updating modules and adjusting tests to work with adjustments on interal processes.

JKU - Institute for System Software

Oktober 2022 - End of June 2023


Reviewing and giving feedback to homework of students in the courses "Softwareentwicklung 1" and "Softwarentwicklung 2".

Dynatrace - Lab Linz

July 2022 - End of August 2022

Intern in Software Development

I worked in the OneAgent Node.Js team, where I was involved in the research and development of a automated installation of 3rd party modules.
I updated said modules by hand until the system was ready for live-testing. Last but not least I investigated and fixed an issue where tests would timeout.

JKU - Institute for System Software

Oktober 2021 - End of June 2022


Reviewing and giving feedback to homework of students in the courses "Softwareentwicklung 1" and "Softwareentwicklung 2".

JKU - Artificial Intelligence Lab

July 2019

Research Intern

Research on the topic of "Autonomous Car Mapping and Tracking" and writing the Maturaarbeit about it.

Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Schwestern Ried im Innkreis

July 2018


My job was to service Computers around the hospital. I had to install windows on computers and bring them to the respective departments. I also did basic maintenance of printers.

TEAM 7 Natürlich Wohnen GmbH

July 2017


Inventory checking, IT-Maintenance and setting up Computers were the main tasks. Additionally small programming and other tasks were done.

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